RV Tire Safety
A brief primer on safety of RV tires. Video produced by the Escapees SmartWeigh program. (.wmv file, 57 MB).

RV Tires
Brochure produced by Firestone on RV tire safety. Especially useful are the tables on load carrying capacity versus pressure for different tire sizes. (.pdf file, 719 KB)

Suburban Furnace Service Manual  (.pdf file, 336 KB)

Dometic Refrigerator Diagnostic Service Manual
For Americana and Americana Plus models RM 2351, RM 2354, RM 2451, RM 2454, RM 2551, RM 2554, RM 2652, Rm 2662, RM 2663, RM 2852, RM 2862, and NDR 1062. (.pdf file, 2.4 MB).

Duo-Therm Cool Cat Heat Pump
Installation and operating instructions for Model 41001.511.  (.pdf file, 578 KB).

Onan RV Genset Operator's Manual (.pdf file, 539 KB).

Roadtrek Water System
by Ronald Boyd. The description and photos are specific to the 2008 210 Versatile, but it should be applicable to to other similar models of roughly the same vintage. Helpful information for diagnosing water system problems and winterizing your Roadtrek for freezing weather. The document was obtained from the Yahoo Roadtrek website. (.pdf file, 2.7 MB).

Roadtrek Electrical Simulator
by John Slaughter.  Excellent simulator of the electrical system. Allows you to visualize the 12 V system (house battery and engine alternator), the 110 V AC systems (generator, shore power), the charger/inverter, and their interconnections, with various components on or off. His notes (.pdf file, 336 KB) are also well worth reading and provide good explanations of the isolator, battery separator, and other important components.

Electrical Mythbusters
by John Slaughter. An excellent presentation on protecting your Roadtrek (and you) from electrical hazards; presented at the chapter rally in Branson. Good for newbees and experienced Roadtrekkers alike.

Isolator Layout
A pictorial description of the isolator layout. Not sure what model Roadtrek was used for the picture, but the layout is pretty similar in most models.  The isolator is under the hood.

Air Conditioner Removal
Instructions from Home and Park for removing and replacing the air conditioner. Applies to Dodge vintage and Chevy 200 models. (.pdf file, 103 KB). 

Power Sofa
Instructions from Roadtrek on how to manually lower the power sofa for sleeping when the power drive is not functioning. Not sure which models this applies to. (.pdf file, 470 KB).

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